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The Community Care Program was developed to provide a free cell phone and 250 free minutes per month to reduce recidivism for offenders being released from incarceration. Ex-offenders face many challenges (employment, housing, treatment, parole reporting, and transportation to name a few) that are difficult to meet without effective resources. In order to meet these challenges a mobile phone is vital. 

States are well aware that for every 100 individuals who do not return and who have been assisted with effective reentry resources it saves the taxpayers $2M in future incarceration costs. This is why the Lifeline program was designed – to supply a need in this unique environment. 

Our program is integrated into the fabric of the State's reentry efforts to reduce recidivism and reconnect the ex-offender to their community efficiently – not just provide a phone. We are focused in providing resources such as faith based ministry support, employment search engines, resume help, free e-mail accounts and a communication device that assists an individual in getting back on their feet.

Since starting our program in Texas, we have distributed over 40,000 free cell phones along with over 90 million free minutes of calling to recently released ex-offenders and to other people in need under the Federal Lifeline low-income program.

The phones are provided at no cost or commitment. There is never a bill. There is never an obligation to buy. Qualified applicants get a free phone and free cell phone service for one year, renewable annually.  
Placing high value on community, mercy and mission.

"Without this program I would never have gotten my new job. Being able to put my own telephone number on the job application and having my own voice mail for the employer to contact me made all the difference in the world. Thank you CCP". - Bill D. Dallas, Texas

"I was feeling discouraged and without hope because I lost contact/support with my family and friends. I use the CCP phone to communicate with my mentors and caregivers. If I didn't have it, I would find myself back in the situation that got me incarcerated in the first place." - 

Steven W.  Houston, Texas